W5ECO - Houston ECHO Society

A general interest amateur (ham) radio club

The Houston ECHO Society is a general interest amateur (ham) radio club serving greater Houston Texas with repeaters on 147.080 / 147.320 / 224.260 / 444.400. You will also find ECHO members on the "triple zero" 147.000.

The Houston ECHO Society exists to provide emergency communications to various public service agencies in the greater Houston area. In order to fullfill that objective the ECHO society owns and operates VHF & UHF repeaters that may be used in times of emergencies as well as providing a pool of trained radio operators to assist in that effort.

Because amateur radio is such a broad hobby you will find ECHO members involved with just about every aspect of the hobby. ECHO operates repeaters, and participates in various contests such as the ARRL field day.

Everyone is welcome to attend the club meetings and are encouraged to join in on the fun. Presently the club meetings are being held the 2nd Monday of every month at 7:00pm at the Greater Houston Chapter of the American Red Cross located on the 2700 Southwest Fwy (Hwy 59) just west of Kirby Drive. Many of the members gather at Goode Company Mexican Restaurant on Kirby just south of Hwy 59 at Westpark beginning as early as 5:00 PM for a pre-meeting, eatin' meetin' time of food, fun and fellowship. A map to both Goode Company and the Red Cross building is available.

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Please direct all correspondence to:
Houston ECHO Society
Attn: Mike Nault
2016 Peppermill Rd.
Houston TX 77080-5541